Upcoming Events

Marriage Retreat

Date: August 4-6
Location: Miracle Camp & Retreat Center in Lawson MI
Speakers: Pastor Brian & Debbie Tweedie
Cost: Registration for this event is full.
About: Join us for a rejuvenating and inspiring weekend away as we explore how to grow a stronger marriage. There will be plenty of time for fun and relaxation, both with the group and/or with your spouse.
Contact: Caring Ministries at kleaf@cornerstoneforlife.com



The Word of God commands all believers in Jesus Christ to love one another.
In fact, Jesus said our love for one another would demonstrate to the world that we are truly His disciples!
Perhaps nothing in the believer's life is so important, apart from loving God, as caring deeply about other's joys and sorrows, trials and temptations, needs and desires.
"...love one another deeply, from the heart." 1 Peter 1:22

Our Caring Ministries Department is here to help facilitate that process.
he Body of Christ at Cornerstone is served by a dedicated team of Pastors and Deacons who oversee the ongoing ministry of caring. But they can't do all the caring by themselves. That's much too great a burden to bear! Instead, each member of Cornerstone is urged to be accountable to all the rest, fostering a sense of belonging, of being family, and of unity in the Spirit.
"Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13:8 





There are several ways to request prayer at Cornerstone:

Prayer Concerns are published monthly in Engage. Contact Karen Leaf 810-494-4013 to include your request.

Prayer Cards may be dropped in the offering plate or turned in at the church office for a pastor.

Prayer Chain handles urgent needs. Call 810-494-4060 to leave a message for a deacon who will pray immediately.



Funeral Arrangements

Services held at Cornerstone

Charlotte Roberts

Sympathies to Mark and Barbara Roberts on the passing of Charlotte Roberts, Mark’s mother.