Our Elders

Our Ruling Elders are responsible for the governance of the church, as well as continued prayer for Cornerstone. Together with the pastors they form “Session”, and work together as a team to oversee the church. In addition, each elder has a specific area which he or she helps lead, along with the staff and volunteers. Ruling Elders are elected by the congregation and serve in that capacity for three years.

Jay Chamberlin

Bob Clark
Budget & Finance

Dan Forster

Ken Foster

Linda Hull
Women in Ministry

Vicki Kloosterhouse

Bob Kozal
Building & Grounds

Mark Lindauer
Children's Ministry

Steve Mahan
Budget & Finance/Stated Clerk

Tom McCarthy

Chris Rans

David Schiavone
Student Ministries

Wally Schram
Men's Ministry



 Our Deacons

Our Deacons serve as adjunct members of our Caring Ministries team, extending the personal ministry of helps and compassion to the Body at Cornerstone. Each deacon or deacon team is responsible for a portion of the congregation. They make every effort to stay in regular contact with our members or families, and provide valuable feedback to our pastors.

If you are in need of a visit from a Deacon, please phone Karen Leaf in Caring Ministries at 810-494-4013

Financial Strain? Overwhelmed by Life? Our Deacons are here to lend you a helping hand and offer support & encouragement.


Lori Aghababian
Lyle & Shirley Albrant
Tim Anthony
Bill & Cathy Apple
Frank & Mary Bacheldor
Barbara & John Barber
Marge & Steve Breault
Julie & Sean Carleton
Joyce Chaplin
Lois Davenport
Mark Dorbeck
Trudy Eck
Chris Fleming
Emily Fleming
Claudia Garrett
Amy Good
Pamela Graham
Jim & Linda Gutting
Ben Haggard
Eric & Kathy Hall
Joe Hardwick
Nicholas  & Renee Hinkle-De Groot
Bob Hitchens
Al & Holly Houtman


Marty & Sue Imhof
Bob & Kati Innes
Bob & Cindy Karns
Char & Len Kinczkowski
Johnathan & Margaux Krause
Anne Lampert
Chantal Lassila
Ruth Lassila
Karen Leaf
Jack Little
Bud Longfellow
Jennifer & Larry Mah
Rich Major
Ken McDaniel
Leah McDonald
Mary McGovern
Deb McGurk
Brett McGrath
Darlene Mengyan


Rich Millis 
Dayna Muhleck 
Tom Murphy 
Kris Nichols
John Nogowski 
Mark & Nancy Oeffner 
Dan & Kari Olds 
Gail Olson 
Janet Oswalt 
Justin Oswalt
Mark Parks 
Barb Peltz 
Diane Perry 
Jeff Pheley
Beverly & Perry Points 
Dan & Sonia Posthuma
Judy & Paul Potrykus
Jim & Linda Riggs 
Pat & Rich Rogge 
Andrew Rolfe 
Sara Russell



David & Lois Schilstra
Dave Senak
Pam Sexton
Rod & Dawn Shelton
Beth & Diar Shipman
Cindy & Don Smale
Dan & Jessica Smokovitz
George & Karen Steeves
David & Lisa Sybert
Rick & Jennifer Thie
Brian Tweedie
Lynn & Rob Vaughn
Larry &  Sue Windle
Nancy Wrosch