The Promise of Christmas
Preached by: Pastor Richard Alberta
Sermon Text: Jeremiah 31:31-34, Luke 1:26-38

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Who among us has not been disappointed in a life promise?  A ball player is drafted who will take your team to the Super Bowl, but he washes out in his first season.  A marriage that promises to be non-stop bliss and joy and it fails in the second year.  A “can’t miss” stock market tip that costs you almost everything.  Life is filled with broken promises. Yet praise be to God that Jesus knew that he was the living Christmas Promise and the time had come to begin to reveal himself…carefully…like unwrapping a beautiful gift from under the tree.

What does anyone say when they share their experience with Christ with an unbeliever?  If they are smart they simply say, “You will need to experience him for yourself. Come and see the living Christmas Promise".