Exciting things are happening this Fall! Pastor Chris & the leadership of Cornerstone have expressed the importance of moving from being a church with small groups to a church of small groups. The Christian life isn’t intended to be lived out in isolation, therefore it is our vision to see every worshiper regularly connected in a healthy small group. We think you’ll be excited to see and be involved with what is in store for Cornerstone, as we start up to 50 new small groups this fall!

Small groups will be meeting for 10 weeks on various days of the week – some in homes, some at Cornerstone – and cover a variety of topics and interests.

To see this vision fulfilled, we are challenging people to be willing to host & facilitate small groups and share in our church’s commitment to connect our community with God, one another, and the world through the love of Christ. Being a “host” can be as simple as opening your home, pressing play on a DVD curriculum, and facilitating some discussion, or meeting at an open room at the church and digging into a book of the Bible together. There are many possibilities, and we’d like to share more and make sure everyone is equipped and familiarized with how Cornerstone small groups work.

If you are willing to join in and host and facilitate a small group for just 10 weeks this fall, please email Elder Bill Garrett at wggarrett@yahoo.com or contact the front office at 810-227-9411 and we will follow up with you with more details and training opportunities.

We are praying that you will join us in this mission to strengthen our church community and help grow God’s kingdom at Cornerstone and beyond!

Sign-ups for Small Groups begin in September.