Please fill out the Sports Waiver (below) carefully.

Agreement to Participate / Waiver & Release of Liability


1. I hear by agree to participate in (sport entered above) during 2017 season for Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church (CEPC) team and associated leagues (s) and programs. I agree to follow the regulations, by-laws and rules of CEPC sports & fitness programs and any league associated with or sanctioned hereby.

2. I understand and agree with the intent and spirit of this recreational athletic ministry, that I am participating for Christian fellowship, physcial exercise, growing a deeper walk with the Lord, and to draw unbelievers to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I understand that (sport entered above) is a dangerous sport/activity that could result in very serious injuries or death, including, but not limited to injuries from contact with equipment, balls, player collisions, physical stress from exertion, and accidents due to indoor/outdoor conditions.

3. I am in good physical and mental health such that I am able to participate in (sport entered above) without undue risk. I understand that there may not be trained medical personnel at sports and league activities as well as other related activities.

4. In return for CEPC allowing me to participate in this sport, program, and/or league, I assume all risks associated with my participation on my team and in this program or league. These risks include any injury, loss or damage I may suffer related to this sport/program function associated with CEPC, and I hold harmless CEPC, member organizations, officers, elders, employees, agents, instructors, coaches, umpires or officiating judges, and all volunteers.

5. When participating in CEPC's Sports Ministry programs (i.e. volleyball, basketball, fitness program, etc.) I understand that I must ensure that my children are not left unattended or unsupervised at any time, whether in the building or outside. Children are not allowed to wander the halls or engage in any loud or active behavior that can disrupt other groups using the premises, or have the potential to cause injury to themselves, others or to the facility.

6. I also understand that as a participant in the athletic program at CEPC that I must always dress in proper (team shirt) and modest attire appropriate for the sport and appropriate for a church group environment.

7. As a participant in Cornerstone Sports Ministries I understand that CEPC encourages me in my Christian walk to seek community in Bible Fellowship or Worship Services or other God-centered programs on a regular basis.

8. I understand that if my level of participation becomes an issue where I or anyone else, can or does become hurt (i.e. too aggressive or not being able to hold my own or use proper technique), that I will be asked to participate.

In agreement thereof, I set my hand this date.

By typing my name, I acknowledge this as a representation of my signature.

If you are age 17 or younger

I have read, understand, and I agree to all the above provisions, including but not limited to all promises not to sue, and waivers of claims, on behalf of myself, my child or ward, and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns. I represent that my child or ward is at least 15 years of age and in good physical condition and mental health and that participation in practices, games and related activities will not involve undue risk to them or other participants.

I certify that my child's age the first day of April of 2017.

In agreement thereof, I set my hand this date.