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Middle School (Grades 7-8)
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Our Mission:

CSM exists to serve God, Families, and Students by being Gospel-Focused, Christ-Centered, Discipleship-Driven, and Kingdom-Minded.


Upcoming Events

To participate in any Student Ministry events, each student needs a Permission Slip to be filled out by a parent once a year.
You can register for our events by filling out a yellow envelope available at the CEPC Front Desk.

Graduation Sunday

 (High-school & College Graduates)

Date: June 10, during 11:30am service
Location: Cornerstone

As the 2017-18 school year winds down, it is time for us as a church to honor our graduates.  If you have a student graduating high school or college, please provide us with the following by Friday, June 1st so that we can put together the display and the slideshow:

1. Their Full Name as you wish for it to be displayed
2. Where they are graduating from (e.g. Brighton High School)
3. What their current plans are for next year (e.g. University of Michigan, Mechanical Engineering)
4. An up-to-date "head shot" photo like a Senior Picture, in digital form (.jpg or .png)
Please email all of this information to emajor@cstoneepc.com.

Submit information online!





 (9th-12th Grade)

Date: June 17-21, 2018
Location: Cederville, Ohio

About:MOVE is a 5-day, High School only event, designed to amplify Christ's call on students' lives to become Kingdom Workers.
$390 Early Registration (through June 8)
Register in person: Fill out a yellow envelope, $100 deposit, & permission slip.

Register | Survival Packet

Climbing Wall Wavier


Service Times


HWY 56

(5th-6th Grade)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Hess Hall.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:00 PM (Sept.-May) in Room 111.



(7th-8th Grade)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Hess Hall.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:00 PM (Sept.-May) in Hess Hall.



(High School)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Student Center.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:00 PM (Sept.-May) in Student Center.


 Why do we do what we do?


Live to Worship

Worship is more than just music. We hope to lead students into a relationship with God that is wholly surrendered and obedient. A life of worship will be shown by consistent exploration in God’s Word where students and leaders are searching to gain new biblical insights and make personal life application of those truths for the sake of bringing glory to God.

Impact Through Service

We want to develop a heart attitude in our students were others' needs come first. Through genuine, humble service, peoples' needs will be met, lives will be touched and the common grace of Christ can be shown to all those we have contact with.

Thrive In Community

We want students at Cornerstone to connect with other students and share life together. God created us to live in community by loving, encouraging, serving, listening and responding with care to other followers of Christ.

Engage in Culture

Knowing the culture in which we live allows us to engage with others and share with them the things God has done for us. Our stories can be used for evangelism, sharing how Jesus has changed/saved our lives. Also, our stories can be used in discipleship by sharing our life lessons learned for the sake of others’ growth and accountability



Additional Information


Need more infomation about Student Ministries? Check our some FAQ and a note written to you.

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