Our Mission:

To love God and love students into a growing relationship with Him




Upcoming Events

7UP & 180 Summer Groups

(7th-12th Grade)

7UP Host Needed Dates: July 12 or July 26
We are in search of Cornerstone families to host the 7UP group for a backyard event. Do you have a flat space in your backyard where 30-40 students could gather for fun?
Contact: Sally Jo at sjfriday@cornerstoneforlife.com
180 Host Needed Dates: August 2

Contact: Eric at emajor@cornerstoneforlife.com

Girls Bible Study

(7th-8th Grade)

July 26, August 2, 9, 16 & 23, 3:00-6:00pm
Location: Celebration Center
Registration: Register with $20 via yellow envelopes in the Student Center or at the Front Office.
Cost: $20
About:Cooking & Baking, Nail Fun, Chick Etiquette, Fashion Disaster Discussions, Smoothie Creations, T-Shirt Design & MUCH MORE!


Service Times


HWY 56

(5th-6th Grade)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Hess Hall.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:15 PM (Sept.-May) in Hess Hall.



(7th-8th Grade)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Hess Hall.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:15 PM (Sept.-May) in Hess Hall.
See Summer schedule above.



(High School)


Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM (Yearlong) in Student Center.

Wednesday Night at 6:45-8:15 PM (Sept.-May) in Student Center.
See Summer schedule above.


 Why do we do what we do?


Live to Worship

Worship is more than just music. We hope to lead students into a relationship with God that is wholly surrendered and obedient. A life of worship will be shown by consistent exploration in God’s Word where students and leaders are searching to gain new biblical insights and make personal life application of those truths for the sake of bringing glory to God.

Impact Through Service

We want to develop a heart attitude in our students were others' needs come first. Through genuine, humble service, peoples' needs will be met, lives will be touched and the common grace of Christ can be shown to all those we have contact with.

Thrive In Community

We want students at Cornerstone to connect with other students and share life together. God created us to live in community by loving, encouraging, serving, listening and responding with care to other followers of Christ.

Engage in Culture

Knowing the culture in which we live allows us to engage with others and share with them the things God has done for us. Our stories can be used for evangelism, sharing how Jesus has changed/saved our lives. Also, our stories can be used in discipleship by sharing our life lessons learned for the sake of others’ growth and accountability



Additional Information


Need more infomation about Student Ministries? Check our some FAQ and a note written to you.

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Contact: Kim Traud
Phone: 810-494-4032
Email: ktraud@cornerstoneforlife.com


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