Please fill out the Student Ministries (5th-12th) Permission Slip (below) carefully.

Cornerstone Student Ministries Trip Policy Guidelines


Purpose: These Guidelines and Code of Conduct are for the protection of the trip participants, the well-being of others, community building and team spirit, the fruitfulness of the trip, your witness to the world, and for God's glory.

a. Each student is to conduct themselves with exemplary moral standards in speech, dress, attitude and actions at all times. [Philippians 2:14-15]
b. Each student is to submit to authority of on-site leadership at all times. Those in authority are to be respected. [Hebrews 13:17]
c. Each student is expected to show respect for others, themselves, and other people's property.
d. Each student shall refrain from anti-social behaviors such as lying, stealing, gambling, fighting or boxing (including but not limited to organized wrestling matches), and sexual promiscuity. [Exodus 20:1, et seq.]
e. Each student shall participate in the group's activities, including work sites, meetings, and meals. Absence from any group activity requires prior permission from a Student Ministry Leader.
f. Each student shall refrain from language and conduct that includes griping, complaining, swearing, and non-uplifting language. [II Timothy 2:14]
g. Each student shall respect the sanctuary at Cornerstone and other churches. It is a special 'set apart' space and should be treated with respect (e.g., no hats, food, or drinks).
h. Students may not possess weapons of any kind, unless part of an organized activity, e.g., pocket knife on a wilderness trip. In such cases, weapons must be approved in advance, in writing by the Student Ministry Trip Leader prior to departure. This prohibition also includes purchasing of a weapon on a Student Ministry trip. For purposes of this section, weapons include but are not limited to firearms, handguns, knives, matches, lighters, or fireworks.
i. Students are forbidden to possess or to partake in any alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or tobacco products of any kind, and pornographic or sexually suggestive material.
j. Each student shall refrain from any public or private display of affection.
k. There shall be separate sleeping quarters for males and females. Students are forbidden to be in the sleeping quarters of any member of the opposite sex for any reason (thus, no guys in girls' rooms; no girls in guys' rooms).
l. Each student shall only wear modest apparel. One-piece bathing suits will be worn to appropriate youth activities (no bikinis or Speedos).
m. Each student is forbidden to bring electronic devices of any kind, unless expressly approved in advance and in writing by a Student Ministry Leader. This includes but is not limited to Cell Phones, MP3 players, iPods, PDAs, video games, DVD players, Tablets, e-readers, radios (or other handheld electronic items, personal entertainment systems, etc.). Our goal is interactive communication between youth and leaders.
n. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis only.
o. Each student will honor all rules and curfews.
p. Student Mission Trip Covenant: Each student and their parents are required to acknowledge that they have received and read a copy of these Trip Event Guidelines and agree to abide by them.
q. Conflict Resolution: When a conflict between students arises, the principles set forth in Matthew 18 should be followed. All questions, concerns, or complaints should first be brought to the Student Ministry Leader or person directly involved. Keep the matter confidential, and work to clear up or resolve the concern. Share only with those directly involved to establish confidentiality and to keep from dishonoring yourself and Student Ministries. Pray for God's guidance.