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Military Avenue EPC
Christmas Gifts & Dinner BOxes
Deadline: Sunday, Dec. 13
Salvation Army
Angel Tree
Deadline: Friday, Dec. 11
Gideon's bible
birthday for Jesus

Military Avenue EPC Christmas Gifts 

Due to the Coronavirus, we can't hold our usual Christmas party for the children of Military Avenue EPC, but we can give them a tote bag with a game, activity book, and other items. If you would like to participate, stop by the display in The Celebration Center to get a gift suggestions list and a tote bag to return the gifts in. Or you can download a gift suggestions list by clicking on the link below.

Gift Suggestions

Military Avenue EPC Christmas Dinner Food Box 

Provide Christmas dinner for a family at Military Avenue EPC, our sister church in Detroit. You can stop by the main church entrance and pick up a box and a list of food items. You can also download a list of food items by clicking on the link below. 

Food Items

Please help make a child's Christmas special by giving a gift to the Salvation Army, which they will make available to clients beginning Dec. 11th.

Stop by the display in The Celebration Center and pick up an angel gift tag along with gift suggestions, or download gift suggestions and sign out a tag through our links below.

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Gift Suggestions

Purchase a Bible for Gideons in the name of your loved one and pick up an ornament to put under the tree.

Stop by the display in The Celebration Center to fill out a request form and pick up your ornament. Or click on the link below to download a request form.

Request Form