Join us at 6pm. Hamburger and hot dog picnic style dinner followed by family olympic games. There will be four events that engage the whole family in a fun and friendly competition. Come and compete as a family or join with another family to form a team of 5-10 people of any age. We will have opening and closing ceremonies and lots of laughter and fellowship! No need to register ahead, we will accept all entries that night.

Basketball Mania: The goal of the game is for each family to make as many baskets as possible in one minute.
Car pull: The goal of the game is to pull the car from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Each family will be given a rope to use to pull the car.
Puzzle: The goal of the game is put a puzzle together as quickly as possible. Each family will be given a puzzle to use.
Obstacle: The goal of this game is to have as much water as possible in a five gallon bucket. Each family gets one cup and one bat. The first family member spins ten times around the bat in order to get dizzy. The spinning person is then given a cup of water and walks it to the five gallon bucket. The spinning person then brings the cup back to the next person. Repeat ten times.

6:00 – Dinner
6:45 – Opening Ceremony
6:56 – Games Begin
7:45 – Awards Ceremony