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As our government leaders continue to lessen restrictions, businesses reopen, and more people return to work, our church leadership has been prayerfully mapping out a pathway to re-open our doors for in-person worship gatherings.  Our desire is to provide the safest way to gather in a time when our society faces a prolonged health crisis that is affecting, not only the physical health of our community but the mental health as well.  As Session has walked this path of discernment, we have sought wisdom from Scripture, in both submission to governing authorities in an appropriate manner, and in seeking to love both God and our neighbor.  We have also worked with churches in the community and throughout the country, to collectively come up with best practices moving forward.  This involves balancing both our desires to worship together in community, with the desire to protect the vulnerable and mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  There is no perfect way forward, nor is there a way to eliminate all risk.  We understand that many will not be comfortable to return to the church building just yet, and just as many are eager to come together again.  Live streaming will continue to create a space for God’s people to worship together, whatever our location.

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