January 12, 2020 |  4:30-6:00 PM

Disengaged Boys

ISU discovered that 2 hours of daily screen time doubles the likely hood to develop attention problems. The average teenage male spends 6 to 8 hours a day in front of a screen.

Lives Adrift

The average adult will watch 15 years of television over the course of their life. Compared to 10.3 years of work.

Hyper Connected Girls

The average teen sends 128 texts a day. A study by CWRU found that sending over 120 texts a day is linked to depression and a higher likelihood to try alcohol, illigal drugs, multiple sex partners.

Modern technology has changed the way our families and communities interact. The promises and allure of phones, social media, and on-demand entertainment has left us disconnected and even more vulnerable to depression, anger, and isolation from those we love. As families feel the painful impact, they are starting to look for answers.

Children over 5 years old are welcomed to attend and engage in the discussions. Childcare for those under 5 is provided.

Event will take place at Cornerstone Church.

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Brandon Lafontaine - Director of Family Ministries

Brandon developed a passion for helping families create boundaries in how they use technology after observing the impact on today’s youth and young adults for the past 10 years. His desire is to empower and equip parents to create a world where real life is more compelling than the lives we live on our screens