Wednesday Nights

5:30 Dinner

Food is served in the Celebration Center along with a time of fellowship!

November 13 - Ham and scalloped potatoes

6:45 Classes

Pilgrim's Progress

Where: Chapel
Teacher: Pastor Chris Winans
Topic: At one time, second only to the Bible in popularity, The Pilgrim’s Progress is the most famous Christian allegory still in print. Join us on Wednesday nights as we walk our way through this powerful story which describes our journey from the ‘city of destruction’ to ‘the celestial city.’

Being Human

Where: Celebration Center Classroom
Teacher: Matt Grimm
Topic: Human beings are made in God’s image and capable of wonderful things, but we are also capable of mass shootings, killing the unborn, gender confusion, racism and more. How can we apply our faith to the issues that affect humanity and society?  Learn how to discern and discuss what is true and false about current views of human identity, behavior, and responsibility.  Join us to rediscover the biblical view of mankind and God’s purposes to redeem the world through Jesus and his followers.  


Where: Room 110
Teacher: Sally Jo Friday
Topic: A gathering for moms where relationships, encouragement, accountability and laughter abound! A class for moms of all ages, stages and circumstances.  All need community and all are welcome!



Why We Trust Our Bible

Where: Room 111
Teacher: Tom Austin
Topic: The uniqueness and authority of the Bible are always under attack. Professors and writers claim that Jesus never existed, Jesus never claimed to be God, the early church changed the basic preaching of Jesus, books were left out of the Bible, the copies of the Bible that have come down through the centuries are hopelessly corrupt, and your translation can’t be trusted when there are so many. This class walks you through the process of how we received our Bible and why we can trust it.



Children & Youth

Children's Ministry
(Infant - 5th Grade)

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Middle School Ministry
(6th -8th Grade)

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High School Ministry
(9th -12th Grade)

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