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There are many Women's Bible Studies both on and off campus to fit your busy schedule and get you plugged in!

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Summer Bible Reading Challege.
12INS19 stands for: Read the Book of JAMES 12 times IN the Summer of 19. We are challenging women of all ages to read the book of James in its entirety once a week for twelve weeks. Yes, it does seem like a lot, but it is possible, and we will all be in this together! Join us for this challenge and allow God’s word to work in your life.


Women in Ministry

Connect women to God | Connect women to other women within the body | Connect women to the world

The overall focus for Women In Ministry at Cornerstone will always be to inspire all women to REACH UP and REACH OUT!

The ministry will always be determined to encourage woman to Reach Up and build a relationship with God in all matters and to allow the Love of God to compel them to them Reach Out to their immediate and surrounding communities with that same love.

Cornerstone Women In Ministry is dedicated to a prayerful and intentional ministry. A ministry where the mission will point toward a goal of Christ-like character, discipleship and relationship driven events that will strive to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for women of ALL ages.  

It is the Passion of Women in Ministry that all women will find an environment where Biblical values can be shared and an objective to be action orientated toward the preaching of Gospel is lifted high!


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